The slimTECH Wallet Can Store All Your Cryptocurrency Coins

No matter what people say about the bitcoin bubble bursting, we all know that cryptocurrencies are going to be here for quite some time. They have already changed the way we think about digital currency and the people who got in on the action at an earlier stage are sitting on some huge wealth right now.

Even though the cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm, the banks have not yet caught up with the technology and have still not come up with a reliable way to store the cyber earnings. This makes you wonder if your wealth is actually secure.

(Source: Best Slim Wallet)

The slimTech Crytolite Cold Storage Wallet is here to do exactly that. It closes the gap between modern value and antiquated banks by offering super secure storage for not only your cash and credit cards but you cryptocurrency as well. The slimTech wallet costs $89.99.

The slimTech wallet is made up of aerospace-grade 6k carbon fibre, aircraft grade aluminium and industrial grade EPDM tension rings. This ensures that the wallet will withstand the test of time and it is equally secure from the hackers as well. It is completely waterproof and can store as many as 12 credit cards.

(Source: Best Slim Wallet)

The cryptocurrencies are received via your public key with an NFC-embedded chip which makes it impossible for a third party to interfere with the transactions. You will also be able to access your entire account and make fast transfers at a very short notice. The wallet is fully compatible with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash so you don’t have to worry about losing functionality if you decide to venture into cryptocurrency other than bitcoin.

Would you be willing to buy the slimTech wallet for your cryptocurrency? Let us know in the comments.

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