The Next Samsung Phone Might Have Screens On Both Sides


Samsung’s Research and Development wing really likes to try new designs with its phone’s screen. No company in the market is so much into bringing creativity other than them. The South Korean tech company was the first to bring edge screen in the market. They also filed a patent in 2017 for foldable screens. Recently they have submitted another patent for a phone that will have screens on both sides of the device.

The design that was submitted for the patent at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in April 2017, the company put forward three potential smartphone designs. One of them had a screen on the back side of the device as well.

Another design had a screen that curves at the bottom and a display that curves all around on the right side of the device. Sensors are installed to identify how the smartphone is being held. For the phone with the back screen, a sensor will tell if the user is looking at the front side of the phone or the back side.

The screen on the back side has its uses as well. Like the user don’t need to flip the phone to see the notifications. Calls and messages can also be viewed on the back screen. This feature makes it better than the Samsung’s curved screen models.

Samsung is not the only company that is thinking to add another screen to the back of the device. A Chinese phone, Siam 7x, launched in 2015 had a small screen at the back. Another Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Meizu, released a phone with a small screen at the back in 2017.

Samsung has so far not confirmed if the designs will make it to production or not. However, having a phone with the screen on both sides is indeed interesting. When Samsung filed for the patent for its Galaxy Edge phones, it took the company only a year to actually produce and display its phones on the shelves in the market. Judging by that, we can expect that Samsung’s dual screen phones will also be on the market very soon.


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