The Pneumad Is A Perfect Portable Shelter For Your Camping Trips

The Pneumad – Inflatable and Portable Shelter4

Portable shelters compete in two fundamental areas; the ease and the speed at which they can be set up. It is quite safe to say that the portable shelter we are going to talk about today is quick at getting set up and requires no effort at all. The only effort which will be done by the user shall pertain to folding out the Pneumad from the car trailer after which it inflates totally on its own.The Pneumad – Inflatable and Portable Shelter6

Unlike the other portable shelters out in the market, the Pneumad is not towed around in the usable form but rather sits easily within a special trailer when it has to be transported. When the user is all set for camping, the Pneumad is taken out of its trailer and laid onto the ground. The user has to only switch on the air pump which will inflate the structure while the user attends to other matters.The Pneumad – Inflatable and Portable Shelter5 The Pneumad – Inflatable and Portable Shelter3 The Pneumad – Inflatable and Portable Shelter

The gadget has been introduced by an Architecture firm Min | Day and the firm says that it is aimed at the nomadic travellers. The name, if you look at it close enough, is also derived from the pneumatic nature of it and the potential it holds for nomadic travel. It was designed for the Truck-A-Tecture show, organized at the Kaneko gallery in Omaha. The exhibition was run during summer of 2014 and aimed at exploring different concepts relating to mobile architecture.

So, would you prefer taking Pneumad along on your next travel?


  1. Leverett Hadlow Reply

    I’m sure all the nomads out there already know the answer to this question: How does one get inside?

  2. Revwillie Reply

    Boy Scouts go camping. Churches like to run Boy Scout Troops. Shelters are nice on the moon or mars. Blow up dolls work nice in single men’s bedrooms. But something that can last 10 years in a Boy Scout Troop is worth buying.

  3. DJ Reply

    Not enough information is given to answer your ending question. But it looks like it has potential.

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