Does The iPhone 6 Really Cost $199? No!

actual cost of iPhone 62

Now that the Apple’s latest phones are out in the market, the debate over the price and which plan will cost you how much is underway. However, there is one issue that has not been addressed as of yet; the price of iPhone is not $199, $299 or $399 as being claimed by Apple on their website.actual cost of iPhone 6

The prices that have been quoted are actually representing the amount that you will be paying to get your hands on iPhone. However, the underlying costs (plans, etc.) will result in a much higher price. So the prices being quoted are simply the down payment. The actual price that you will have to pay in US for the iPhone 6 shall depend greatly on the carrier that you choose.actual cost of iPhone 6 3

Once you have paid the much floated around contract buy-in amount, you would have to pay quite a handsome amount over the time period of two years. The contract prices being advertised come with a subsidy by the carriers worth $450. This subsidy is recovered over the course of 2 years during which the contract is valid. The end result in most cases is that you will end up paying more than what you would have paid if you bought the phone out rightly.actual cost of iPhone 6 5 actual cost of iPhone 6 4

You can check out the data plans for the top 3 US carriers in the pictures and do the math yourself. The point that we are trying to make over here is that the quoted prices are NOT the actual prices to purchase iPhone 6. They are simply the payment you make to gain the contract and then there are additional amounts to be paid over the course of two years for your beloved iPhone 6. So will you get the iPhone 6 on contract or will buy upfront?

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