Now You Can Enjoy Wakeboarding Without A Boat With Radinn Electric Board

Radinn Electric Wakeboard3

What is the only downside to the full of fun activity known as wakeboarding? Yeah, you guessed it right; you need another person to pilot the boat. No boat and no wakeboarding for you. This is about to change because the Swedish entrepreneurs Alexander Lind and Philip Werner have introduced the Radinn Electric wakeboard. The only restriction is that it won’t provide you with a wake on but it does allow you to go out when and wherever you want to. If you’re a wakeboarding beginner, Wakeboard Buddy is a great place to start at.Radinn Electric Wakeboard7

As of now, the gadget is in working prototype form and comes with a carbon fiber body along with a jet propulsion system that is water-resistant. The whole assembly is powered by a lithium battery pack. The pack is located in a watertight compartment and can be swapped out for easy charging. This function also allows for swapping batteries when one of the batteries gets low. The assembly weighs 29 kg.Radinn Electric Wakeboard6 Radinn Electric Wakeboard5

The speed is controlled via wireless waterproof handheld remote – the current prototype is capable of achieving speeds of 29 Mph while the finished product is supposed to be faster than this. One charge of the battery, supposedly, will last for 45-60 minutes and 20-30 minutes when the user goes all out. The regular wakeboard foot bindings are employed and the good news for amateurs is that they can be removed hence allowing for using the board while lying or kneeling on it.Radinn Electric Wakeboard4 Radinn Electric Wakeboard2 Radinn Electric Wakeboard

According to Lind, the Radinn was launched at the Cannes Yachting Festival and flaunts a price tag of $19,375. It is supposed to go into production this winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

Watch the video below for more details:

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