The Nura Headphones Customize The Audio For Your Ears

Nura Adjustable Headphones

Everyone has a different taste in music and even different equipment preferences. Some may be okay with using a $3 pair of Chinese earphones, and some may not settle for anything less than $300 Beats headphones. Either way, whenever you get a new pair of earphones, you do spend some time adjusting them to your listening habits and preferences. It could be the size of the headband or the length of the wire. Some ear plugs do not even stay in your ears no matter what you do. There is one thing you can never change about your pair, and that is its sound quality.

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Some headphones come with built-in equalizers, but there are never enough options to adjust the audio. The Nura headphones save you from all your headphone troubles, that calculate your sound profile by studying the shape of your inner ear within just 30 seconds.

At the first look, the Nura headphones look like an ordinary pair, but a look at the insides will change that perspective. Each cup has an in-ear bud protruding from it, that is the crucial element to learning about your sound profile. The sounds going into you ear generates a response from your cochlea, and the buds have an embedded microphone that listens to the response. The device then figures out what kind of audio will fit you best, and then adjust the music according to your hearing.

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The Nura will not make the adjustments automatically. A companion smartphone app will let you change the settings, where you first select the ‘new user’ option on the screen. The app will guide you through the adjustment process, collecting the data by playing a variety of tones and create your custom profile. This profile is stored in the headphones and not the phone, so you can use it with any media player that you want. You will not require the app again unless you want to add up another profile for a different user. To switch between multiple profiles, all you have to do is to click a button on headphones. Another “Kick It” button will give your music a bass boost.

The crowdfunding campaign for Nura was launched on Kickstarter in 2016, and it achieved nearly twice of its pledged goal of $100,000 to become Australia’s most funded Kickstarter. It sold for an early bid of $179, but the retail price for a Nura pair is $399.

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