The New $10 Raspberry Pi Zero Comes Loaded With Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Capability

raspberry pi zero w

Raspberry Pi just got a whole lot smarter and easier to use! On the auspicious occasion of its five-year anniversary, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced the release of their latest ultra-cheap DIY computer chip, Raspberry Pi Zero W.

The Zero W chip will add in the previously missing functions of wireless LAN and Bluetooth, meaning that you won’t need a separate hardware to connect to the internet for building those super-cool DIY projects.

The chip is priced at $10 ( about £8), plus tax, which will surely add to the popularity of this credit card sized computer chip among electronics hobbyists and educators alike. Just in the last five years, the Foundation has sold over twelve million Raspberry Pi chips, building a large user and fan base.


The Raspberry Pi Zero was launched by The Raspberry Pi Foundation back in November 2015, with the $5 chip selling like hotcakes among the DIY enthusiasts. All kinds of projects like the Simpsons Shuffler and electric skateboards are being realized using the powerful chip. But people were seen complaining about the lack of connectivity in the Zero W chip, which has now been resolved for just an additional $5!

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has also released an official case set for the Zero W chip having three interchangeable lids that can be used with the camera and other attachments along with a camera adapter and rubber feet to ensure Zero or Zero W’s grip.

The Raspberry Pi Zero W will be available in the market starting from Tuesday.

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