The Levitating Clock Is The Coolest Timepiece That You Will Ever See

STORY levitating clock

Even in this modern age, levitation seems like an elaborate magic trick to most of us. And if that’s the case with you, then the team from “Flyte” are no less than wizards who have created a levitating clock called STORY. The clock has a wooden disk with a digital time display in the center in the form of a veneer with a grid of holes to hold the LED light in a perfect circle.

Credits: kickstarter
Credits: Kickstarter

The exciting part of STORY comes from the levitating orb that circles the face of the clock. The clock uses levitation rings with multiple coils integrated inside the wood. An individual Hall-effect sensor tunes the magnetic field to keep the ball afloat.

Credits: Kickstarter

The company elaborates on its Kickstarter page,

“STORY is more than just a clock; it’s a unique way to visualize time. Customize its orbit via a mobile app or manually. Set it to one minute or one year, its up to you.”

The floating ball still works when the clock is vertically hung on a wall, which means that it uses different settings on the coils above and below the magnetic orb.

Credits: Kickstarter

You can visit the STORY Kickstarter page to learn more about the “magical” clock, which is priced at $499. The product was mentioned among the best 25 inventions by the Time magazine, so it’s certainly worth a buy!


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