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The Meiosis Is The Coolest Backpack Ever

The Meiosis Backpack by Davidi Galid7

Here’s a quick question? Which bag do you think is the best conceptual bag ever? We’d like to nominate the Meiosis Backpack that has been visualized by Davidi Galid at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv as the best conceptual bag ever!

The backpack has a ‘reactive armor’ in the back and has been created with mesh fabric material that is flexible so the bag is quite capable of handling whatever you put into it. The geometric shape that have been imparted doesn’t allow the fabric to shrink back, thus maintaining the bag’s structure and form. The design has tension and flexibility that allow it to keep its shape even when it is being opened and closed.

The bag won’t even lose shape when it is empty. The bag is still in conceptual phase and we don’t know if it will make its way to production but it sure does look like an awesome bag to have.

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