Wolffepack Bag Is A Cool New Backpack That Can Be Swung To Your Front

Wolffepack Bag - The Awesome Backpack That You Must Own

From scrambling for a passport at the airport, to checking the safety of your wallet in a crowded place, pulling things out of a stuffed backpack could be such a hassle. Created by a former engineer from London, David Wolffe, the Wolffepack is a backpack that you keep strapped to your back but it swings your stuff to the front.Wolffepack Bag - The Awesome Backpack That You Must Own3

This revolutionary invention leaves the backpack’s straps in place on your shoulders and chest, yet allows you to separate and swing the bag section to where you need it using an ‘orbital trapeze’ technology called expetoSYSTEM. Users will be able to pull a strap to release the main body of the bag, swing it around to their front to access items, and adjust it back with the same action.Wolffepack Bag - The Awesome Backpack That You Must Own2

Wolffe, a graduate from the University of Cambridge, hopes that with this backpack, users will achieve better access to their valuables enjoying more comfort and greater security. “For years I’ve watched people take their backpacks off time and again to get something out, to move it out of the way on a crowded train or because they are worried about security. I knew there had to be a better way. With the help of an extraordinary team we have perfected the design of the Wolffepack backpack,” Wolffe shared.Wolffepack Bag - The Awesome Backpack That You Must Own

The bag comes in two designs; one for commuters and the other for rugged outdoors. It comes with all the pockets needed for the modern person, to hold your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Wolffe quit his job of Finance Director to develop the backpack and is now raising money to put it into production. The backpack is available for pre-order costing $137.


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