This Youtuber Drop Tested Every iPhone Model. The End Result Is Shocking

Drop Test – iPhone 2g to iPhone 6 Plus8

Apple has managed to sell over 10 million models of the latest iPhones and reviews have been great! A Ukranian gadget tester Taras Makismuk decided to perform a drop test on iPhones starting from iPhone 2G and up to the very latest model that is iPhone 6 Plus.Drop Test – iPhone 2g to iPhone 6 Plus7

Drop Test – iPhone 2g to iPhone 6 Plus6Only one phone was capable of surviving the falls and that phone was introduced in the market about 5 years ago on 8th June, 2009 by Apple; iPhone 3GS and the production line was ceased in September 2012. Every other iPhone ended up with a shattered screen; the screens do work, but it is quite hard to see what’s on them. This is pretty shocking since iPhone 3GS is a very old model and we would expect the new iPhone 6 to be the most resilient with all the company experience going in the new iPhone.Drop Test – iPhone 2g to iPhone 6 Plus5 Drop Test – iPhone 2g to iPhone 6 Plus4 Drop Test – iPhone 2g to iPhone 6 Plus2 Drop Test – iPhone 2g to iPhone 6 Plus

The video shows the test being carried out and well; the bigger they are, the harder they fall seem to describe the scenario quite perfectly.



  1. Pawel Syrek Reply

    I can see here Aplle paid likers here, iPhone is shit when it comes to design, a company worth billions of dollars, having issue with designing undestructible glass is a joke… It is design on purpose to benefit from people to come and pay loads of money for exchanging screens… The only good thing about the iphone is the system (ios) and the battery life… The rest sucks…

  2. Chris Reply

    having worked for apple you would not believe the amount of people who complain when THEY drop THEIR phones, look at them you idiots they’re glass on the front! Just don’t drop them! It’s so retarded! If you want a phone that looks like and functions as an iPhone does, you should really have it in your that YOU will not drop YOURE £700 phone.

  3. iPhone hater Reply

    I have a Keyocera Event, which is an Android ($15 at target or walmart) and I’ve thrown(as hard as mi possibile could) it at cabinets and sidewalks multiple times and there isn’t a scratch on it. Screen is in perfect condition. However, my friend down the block from me has the iPhone 5c and he dropped it from give or take 3 feet and it was damaged so bad that he had to get a new phone. iPhone has the popularity, but in the end Andriod will always be up on top durability wise.

  4. Rasheem Gonzalez Reply

    That’s true but it’s actually BS in my eyes. Why? Because I have Metro and i dropped my old one over 15 times on cement. (No damage) NO NADA

  5. suck my wang Reply

    Exactly, I’ve dropped pretty much every iphone model ever made and the screens never shattered. Kudos to the iPhone 3GS, but we don’t need an indestructible iphone, we need one that won’t break under normal conditions.

  6. Cmb Reply

    So the conclusion we can draw is that if you drop iPhones they will break?

    Apple aim to design high-tech phones which people love to use and look great, they don’t aim to design phones so that they don’t break when you drop them from 5 feet.

    A design which would ensure a phone is invulnerable to any drop would come at a huge sacrifice in functionality, ease of use and price.

    • thomas Reply

      I agree with the above statement , if apple were designing for strength you would end up with a completely design – what a unreal test , no one is claiming that they won’t break ,all today’s good looking phones will smash regardless of who makes it – this would aspply to all manufactures there just picking on apple ………..get a grip and stop destroying things for no actual reason .

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