This Ridiculous-Looking Airbag For Bikes Could Actually Save Your Life

Cyclists and bikers can suffer from terrible accidents. While their helmets, assuming that they are wearing one, can shield their head from injuries, other parts of their bodies might suffer from the accident. French motorbike airbag specialist In&Motion announced the Stan, a new backpack for cyclists that doubles as a safety device in case of accidents. Wearable airbags might comparatively be common for motorbike riders, but they’re not quite common among cyclists.

The basic principle of Stan is that of a protective backpack with internal sensors that will deploy an airbag that envelops the rider’s head and upper body when a crash is detected. It can be used instead of a helmet, allowing riders to keep their hairstyles and cool heads when heading to work or the beach. According to In&Motion, the level of protection is far superior to that of a regular bike helmet, thanks to the ability to protect a more extensive body area from impact.

The backpack has a sleek design, roll-top closure, and a carrying capacity of 18 liters. The shoulder straps are wide for comfort during long wear. In addition to its stylish appearance, the Stan includes a protective back panel and an autonomous airbag system.

That said, appearances should matter only so little when it comes to personal safety. When it comes to making a choice between looking ridiculous for a few minutes and risking death or grave bodily injury.

The airbag deploys as quickly as 0.1 seconds, and this is imperative for the design team of STAN Airbag. The airbag that looks like a flotation device is flat when stored in the backpack but when triggered, it balloons into a super-bouncy cushion that looks like a seahorse. The design team believes that their backpack slash airbag reduces the risk of head trauma by 80 percent.

The backpack also calls emergency hotlines as soon as the accident occurs. The 24/7 emergency-call system integrated into the bag alerts emergency services closest to the area of the accident so that medical personnel can respond to the injured person as soon as possible.

The parachute-like bag is an airbag and an actual backpack where cyclists and bikers can put their things. There is a separate space for items where laptops, smartphones, accessories, and even a bottle of water can be slipped into.

It is not yet available for sale but those who want to try it can register on their website.

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