New Bike Can Be Folded Into Your Backpack Within 10 Minutes

Kit Bike Lucid Design6

We all would love to commute via bicycles if given the chance to do that, why we don’t do it is rather quite simple; it is too damn hard. You can’t really move freely around if you have a bike to take care of that you can’t park somewhere without worrying about it being stolen. This is where the star of today comes in – a full size bicycle that is capable of folding down into a bag and can be assembled when needed in less than ten minutes.Kit Bike Lucid Design Kit Bike Lucid Design2

We usually find commuters trying to manage to fit their folding bikes on trains, however, with this particular model they will be able to carry it in a small backpack that is about the size of a tyre. Once the commuters are out of the train, all they need to do is to assemble the bike and they are good to go. A number of hollow aluminium tubes are joined together by employing twist joints. Wheels get attached to this assembly as well and the chain makes use of a rubber belt drive system that has been strengthened by carbon. In order to apply brakes, all you need to do is to stop pedaling. Kit Bike Lucid Design3 Kit Bike Lucid Design4

The invention comes from an Indian creative agency by the name of Lucid Design. The creative director at this agency, Amit Mirchandani, says; ‘Conventional bikes are awkward in every way except when you ride them. We thought what if there was a bike that was so small, it fit into a bag you could carry as a backpack? What if when you assembled the bike, you got a full-size bike that was comfortable to ride? We felt we could make one simple, minimal and cool – unlike folding bikes that tend to be complex in their engineering and construction. The Kit Bike was designed to do all these things and make problems of shipping and travelling with a bike a thing of the past.’Kit Bike Lucid Design7 Kit Bike Lucid Design5

The result was the invention of Kit Bike. Wheels of the bike are stored in separate sections of the bag whereas the remaining 19 parts are stored separately. Mr. Mirchandani is from Bangalore, India and is 35 years old. In his own words; ‘Assembly and disassembly would take 10 minutes or less. At the moment it’s still a prototype so we are not sure how much it will be to buy but it should weight similar to most aluminium bikes.’


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