Navdy Projects Navigational Maps And Car Data On Your Car’s Windscreen

Navdy Projectin HUD4

With the advances in science and technology, we are looking at gadgets and futuristic tools that were once only limited to either science fiction novels and/or movies. One such gadget is the modern heads-up display (HUD) that is capable of projecting a number of parameters on to the windscreen that was once limited to car’s instrument panel. This has become a must have feature for the high end cars that are being produced. However, there isn’t much to say about the not-so-high-end cars and that is where Navdy comes in.Navdy Projectin HUD

The gadget – still in prototype form- has promised to bring a projection HUD coupled with voice and gesture controls to any car that has been produced after 1996 and has an OBD II port. The idea is quite simple; the Navdy prototype HUD integrates with your smartphone (iPhone/Android) and your car (via the OBD II port) in order to function. The gadget’s voice and gesture controls can be made use of if you’re using iOS7+ or Android 4.3+. This enables Navdy to make use of features that your phone has.Navdy Projectin HUD2 Navdy Projectin HUD3

The gadget comes with a built in infrared camera that is responsible for the touch free gesture control which facilitates the driver by executing commands with simple gestures. Siri/Google Voice can be used to make phone calls, dictate texts or even have your social media comments written. As expected, navigation capabilities have also been imparted and the user is presented with alerts and directions. Oh and the on-screen navigation won’t go away if a call comes in, so you can keep talking and continue to navigate as well.Navdy Projectin HUD4

According to the team, the gadget will also be capable of displaying information related to car such as speed, RPM, distance to empty, fuel economy, tire pressure, battery-voltage and what not. These parameters won’t be guessed but rather pulled directly from the car’s ECU.
Navdy Projectin HUD5
Navdy Projectin HUD6

Navdy comes with a dual core processor that operates Android 4.4, display wort 5.1”, accelerometer, e-compass, ambient light sensor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, audio via Bluetooth/Standard jack, mini USB port along with an internal speaker and microphone. Navdy is different from the existing HUDs in the market owing to the fact that it pairs with the car by making use of the car’s computer. The Navdy is all set for sale in 2015 and can be pre-ordered at a price of $299 for the next 30 days. Afterwards, the price will move back to the original price of $499.

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