The Largest Car Carrying Ship Arrives In UK With Over 8000 Cars Onboard

Hoegh Target

Hoegh Target is now officially the World’s largest car transporter in the seas. It has recently docked at the United Kingdom after its maiden voyage from China. The amount of space at the disposal of the operating company is nothing short of staggering as it’s covered area is around 71,400 square feet or more than ten football fields from end to end. More than 8500 cars can be shipped in it on its insane 14 number of decks and floors. The car docking area has a length of 200 meters and width of 36 meters.

Hoegh Target2

Just to give you an idea of the sheer size of the new ship, we will give you some alternate dimensions. If you line up all 8500 cars bumper to bumper, they will stretch for almost 26 miles. Also, the different types of automobiles it can carry is also a big plus point if any company manufacturer wants to ship its machines through this beast. The Hoegh target has colossal doors on the outside and easy approach so that vehicles and equipment of any size or shape can be hauled inside with relative ease. So trucks, lorries, and even huge civil engineering equipment can be transported by this ship. It can house any vehicle that is a maximum of 6.5 meters high and 12 meters wide. Length would of course not be a problem at all.

Hoegh Target3

There is more to the capacity of this might ship. It has an additional storage area that can hold 375 tons also of the 8500 cars already present inside. It will be a good place to have some spare parts or other light machinery on the go. The floating giant was built was made by a Norwegian company who realized the importance of these car carriers for the future as the demand for automobiles is always rising.The ship’s maiden voyage included stops at city ports of South Korea, Japan, Italy, Spain, Holland and Belgium.
Hoegh Target

This ship is by no means a one-time effort as the company is gearing up to manufacture five more massive ships in the next one and a half years. Automotive manufacturers must be jubilant with these developments!

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