New British Roads Will Wirelessly Charge Electric Cars On The Go

roads charging wirelessly4

Electric cars are cool, but their frequent recharging part isn’t cool at all. Add it to the insufficient number of charging stations available, it is not the ideal time for owning and maintaining an electrical car despite how “green” it is. The British government has noted this negative aspect of the Electric cars and intend to solve it by constructing roads that charge cars and other electric vehicles wirelessly.

roads charging wirelessly

Another brilliant aspect of this new technology is that it will charge the vehicle on the go as well as charging it while stationery. This is a revolutionary measure because electric charging through pods, mains or any other power supply takes a lot of time. It takes half an hour to charge them fully and even then the range is far from ideal. The new wireless charging roads will recoup the power while on the go, thus making them go on forever if needed be.

roads charging wirelessly3

The new charging roads will be made by placing cables underneath the road networks during construction, and special electric transmission equipment has to be installed in the vehicles, to harness it. The wireless charging is called magnetic induction technology, and it will include a detection system so that the system can start the magnetic induction process when a car is entering the field. The government is serious about this technology, and it is committing over 500 million pounds to the whole project over the course of 5 years. The testing will commence on specially built roads where normal commuters won’t be allowed to go.

roads charging wirelessly2

Apart from this latest tech, the UK government is also investing in the number of electric charging stations across the nation. It has set a target of one charging station every 20 miles or so on national highways, cities and even the countryside. So, great things are coming in the green technology!

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