Here’s Why You Should Never Drive On Reserve Fuel

Fuel gauges unreliable

Yes, it is time to get serious on the road. Many of us don’t get concerned as much as it is needed. We try to drag our car to the last mile before going through the excruciating 5-minute process of refilling our fuel tanks. This is not a recommendable practice at all due to the fact that highways and other kinds of roads are rarely safe for pulling off such a maneuver while traveling alone or even with your buds. The number of people trying to do this with the gas meter levels is increasing and approximately 827,000 motorists are forced to look for gas stations every year in Great Britain.

This is getting serious as millions admit to driving with the red fuel light on. Many people have gotten used to it and believe that they can pull off a standard number of miles when it is on each time. WRONG! you can’t predict the exact number of miles ever because fuel gauges aren’t accurate even nowadays especially when the fuel goes below critical levels.

Fuel gauges unreliable3

Men are the prime culprits in this situation as they tend to look for cheaper fuel for their machines while the cautious women refuel more frequently. Men believe that with the warning light on, they can still take their car forwards for 32 miles on average while women don’t take it beyond 24 miles and therefore, six out of every ten out-of-fuel party is men. We men need to consider the fact that this is a very serious thing.

Fuel gauges unreliable2

We have told you that the even the modern cars and fancy outlooks don’t have accurate fuel gauges. The basic technology is the same as it had been since the start as a floating valve is used to tell us about the fuel just like our toilets. We all know what can go wrong with floats while the fluid is on lower levels right. We can never really rely on it at all. It is especially true when a car is going on a gradient road. Even while downhill driving, a certain amount of petrol is consumed and gauge might be affected too.

Fuel gauges unreliable4

So, the best case scenario is that you stop putting your car through the paces and refuel at the nearest gas station. Also, many drivers have experienced that their cars actually broke down once their engine is cut off from the fuel. This abrupt ending of fuel supply means that critical engine parts and gear boxes aren’t prepared for the event and might end up getting damaged. Another aspect is that increased use of cans and funnels mean that the sediment deposition at the base of the tank increases and the instrument will need to get re-calibrated if you want to rely on its gauges too.

Saving 10 $ today might cost you 1000 $ in the future repairs of the fuel tank so the best way to deal with it is that you swallow up your pride and refuel at the nearest station.

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