The 2014 Jaguar F-Type V8 S


Jaguar F-Type V8 S-2We have covered quite some cars over here, from the Dark Knight tumbler to Lotus’ ticket out of bankruptcy. While on one end we are looking at high tech gadgets, we simply can’t ignore what engineers are coming up with! The sheer beauty, power and brilliance combined with that jaguar logo, we have for you; the Jaguar F-Type V8 S! Some of you might know that Jaguar shifted its focus to luxury rides; Coupes and Sedans in 1974. This resulted in the discontinuation of Jaguar E-type, a prodigy car that was appreciated to such a level that Enzo Ferrari said; ‘the most beautiful car ever made.’ The car debuted in 1961 and was a version of the company’s race cars. The two seat, road-ready, car was highly regarded and was a legendary car. Jaguar this summer will bring back the two seat version from the dead by introducing the Jaguar F-Type. Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about a 495 HP engine, highly adaptive controls and the look which brings back memories! Although Porsche and Corvette have the advantage of forty years in production under their belt, F-Type sure comes with so many attributes that it seems Jaguar has made up for the forty year absence in the two-seat car’s competition. Let’s take a look at what the car has to offer; first stop being the awesomely optimized airflow.




The 564 lb chassis, made of aluminum, qualifies as the lightest one produced by Jaguar. We have a spoiler at the back which would deploy at speeds higher than 60 Mph delivering a downward force of 264lb to ensure that the car stays close to the road. We’ve got retractable door handles to ensure smooth airflow. What else could you ask from your car? Going from 0-60Mph in 4.2 seconds and a maximum speed of 186 Mph, the supercharged cylinders are being dubbed as F-type V8 S. The transmission is a smart eight speed transmission. Why the smart transmission? It analyses how the driver drives and selects according a shifting model from the 25 presets available to it. Some variables considered by the system include; how the driver accelerates or brakes, how he takes turns and at what speed. Suspension is adaptive; chassis motion is measured at an astonishing 100 times per second and the steering inputs are taken at 500 times per second. The result is a suspension able to re-adjust and calibrate itself while keeping the ride smooth and car leveled.




Furthermore, the Jaguar F type allows for the users to create custom profiles as per their driving habits. For example, one could adjust how stiff the steering should be or the suspension, what would be the shifting sensitivity and how would engine respond. This all and much more is what the Jaguar F type has to offer and is expected to live up the legend that its predecessors started! Even surpass it perhaps, who knows!

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