World’s Most Dangerous Jet Powered Bicycle – Norah


NorahWhile science and technology are busy in bringing new and innovating gadgets to the market, there is another line of production at work too; Do it yourself projects! These are the people who enjoy doing what they do as their hobby. What we have for you today is yet another story of such a person who is known for building with tools that an engineer would laugh at. Meet Colin Furze, a British garage inventor who has a series of inventions to his name! For his recent invention he says; ‘It is as Mad as it looks!’ The invention is known by her name; Norah and is a jet powered bicycle whose safety one can question. Norah 4 The bicycle has been made just the way it says in its name; a homemade jet engine has been strapped to an old bike and our inventor has made the most dangerous bike, perhaps ever made! His list of inventions may lead one to believe that our crazy inventor here is an engineer who has a passion for coming up with crazy ideas and executing them, however, you will be surprised to know that he is a plumber who loves to create such dangerous DIY in his home workshop. A few of his inventions include; world’s longest motorbike, gas powered stroller and the fastest mobility scooter. Norah 2 Colin Fruze is a living proof that one need not have an expensive laboratory and tools at one’s disposal to produce something amazing. Norah can reach speeds of 50 Mph and as anyone can imagine, it is quite dangerous yet pretty much fun to ride it. The engine exhaust gets  flaming red hot at full throttle rendering this DIY a really ‘hot’ vehicle! Our crazy inventor decided not to use a heat shield and instead managed to put in some distance between the engine and rider’s butt. But the heat is going to be least of your worries once you’re on this bike! From pleasing ride to hard to control ride and finally near death ride, this experience will definitely leave you amazed and thrilled. Norah 3Colin survived his trial ride and is looking forward to riding the bike at even higher speeds!



  1. Jan Reply

    try to combine with this type of tubes:

  2. Christophe Morone Reply

    Something tells me that that bike might go even faster if both the intake AND exhaust weren’t both pointing rearward.

  3. gaz Reply

    a bike is not designed for speeds that high. needlessly dangerous and stupid.

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