Tesla’s Autopilot Is Screwing Up And Shows How Self-Driven Technology Isn’t Ready


So, Tesla decided to release its Autopilot feature via a firmware update in its new Model S cars and hence, it must have considered the consequences of introducing a premature technology on the roads. Ever since the upgrade, we have seen some spectacular screw ups in decision making by the autonomous system that raised question marks about the current capability of the program. Tesla has responded to these issues and had already included in the manuals that the new autopilot feature will only work right if certain road conditions are met, so generally it can’t be used for our everyday routine to skip driving. But it seems people haven’t been following the instructions carefully and keep using it in conditions that aren’t well-suited for it.

The new system is still pretty clever at that. It can steer, match maximum speed limit and even change lanes safely if you ask it to. But, by no means it is an entirely autonomous driving system. You will still have to use the supercomputer inside your skull to navigate through packed traffic. So, our advice is: Only use it sparingly and even then, you should be totally in control to take risk mitigation measures if the need arises.

Or else this might happen:

Or this.

Maybe even this!

Remember that the 100,000 $ electric cars that you are driving on the roads are well worth the money with their nifty features, but not a complete robotic car from the movies. It will need supervision for at least several years to come.

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