Mercedes Unveils A Fully Autonomous Generation Z Car With Social Commuting Concept

Mercedes Generation Z

Despite our recent doubts about the driverless technology due to several Tesla Model S’s awareness failures, it is the technology of the future whether we like it or not. It will help reduce the possibility of accidents and other human mistakes on the road. That’s why almost every car company has come forward with its autonomous concept car to show us what it can provide for us in the future. In the pursuit of driverless technology, several interesting concepts have been introduced and the new one from Mercedez-Benz, Generation Z presents a whole new concept of “Social Commuting”.
Mercedez Vision tokyo motor show3

The Motor shows are the vanity fairs of cars where the future can be glimpsed. The Tokyo motor show is Japan’s premier show in which all auto manufacturers gear up to display all kinds of crazy concepts that rarely make the market shortly. The Mercedez-Benz unveiled its karaoke-on-wheels here this week and offered insights on how space inside the car will be reimagined after self-driving cars take over the road.

Mercedez Vision tokyo motor show4

With futuristic neon-based lights and sleek aerodynamic design, the car looks very much similar to the F 015 and bears much┬áresemblance to the Tron world’s glowing motorcycles. The entire rear window doubles up as a big brake light and can display funk colors to make the desired effect inside. It is supposed to be a semi-autonomous car aimed at young circles and their social lives inside. There is no permanent seat in front of the driving wheel with a foldable chair present where a person can sit to navigate it when needed. The odd shape speaks for itself. The interior itself is designed less for comfort and more for the social interaction between the passengers. It is a large booth consisting of a single curvy bench type sofa, and the dashboard is minimal so there is plenty of space left for you to enjoy. There is also a large screen on the sliding door so that the passengers can enjoy a 3D video. In the middle os the car, there is supposed to be a holographic display that connects to smartphones or any other device that may surface in the future and let them play holographic projections for fun. They can physically interact with the holograms and even control the car from them.

Mercedez Vision tokyo motor show Mercedez Vision tokyo motor show2

We have to admit the cabin of the car gives a pleasant and inviting look than those dull sedans in which passengers can’t even look at each other in the eye let alone have a game of cards! The car is designed to have 190 Km of battery range from its batteries and a further 790 Km if connected to a hydrogen fuel cell. It may not be built for the next 20 years, but still the concept was new, and we appreciate this new approach!

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