Mercedes Benz Cars Will Now Come Equipped With CO2 Based Air Conditioners

mercedez CO2 air conditioners2

The EU environmental legislations are forcing car manufacturers to reduce their emissions for a greener Europe. But, we all know that emissions aren’t the only thing that make a car to affect the environment. There is the rubber industry that produces millions of non-reusable tyres, majority of which end up in big junkyards along the coast. Then there is the ever-growing plastics and polymer industry as well. A relatively lesser known element is the latest target of the EU laws, and that is the gas being used in the car’s Air conditioning system. Typically cars use R134a as a coolant, but now the new set of laws demand that CO2-based air conditioners be introduced in the cars by 2017. Mercedez-Benz has taken the lead and introduced the new CO2 based units in its latest sedans.
2016 mercedes benz

The Mercedez cars are considered one of the most safest and comfortable cars in the worlds. To keep up with its reputation, the auto giant has designed the new conditioner such that it separates the air refrigerant from the hot engine components in case of an emergency or accident. It helps minimize the risk of fire as well. The CO2 air conditioner operates at 100 bar, a pressures ten times higher than R134a ones. So it was difficult to switch to them, but Mercedez made it happen in record time including redesign of all components so that they can work efficiently at those extremely high pressures.

mercedez CO2 air conditioners

Mercedez believes that environmental protection from automobiles is the combined responsibility of the governing bodies and car manufacturers. This is why they demonstrated that the new conditioners can work. The European S-class and E-Class cars will be the first to be equipped with these units. The other automakers should join the cause and convert to CO2 before the deadline expires.

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