Tesla Just Got Approval To Make An All-Night Diner In Hollywood

In a brilliant fusion of nostalgia and futuristic innovation, Elon Musk’s Tesla is set to breathe new life into a bygone era by opening an all-night drive-in diner in Hollywood. Echoing the charm of 1950s and 60s drive-in movie theaters, this unique establishment will encompass the essence of ‘Grease meets The Jetsons with Supercharging.’

Drive-in theaters once epitomized American leisure, a time when roller-skating waiters and rows of polished convertibles defined the cinematic experience. However, as home entertainment systems gained traction, these outdoor theaters waned, becoming relics of the past. Yet, Elon Musk’s creative vision and entrepreneurial spirit have paved the way for a potential resurgence.

Elon Musk, the billionaire innovator behind Tesla, has obtained the green light to establish this exciting venture on the iconic Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood. This drive-in diner will cater not only to cinephiles but also to Tesla drivers seeking a quick recharge.

The design exudes retro-futuristic aesthetics, with a nod to 1950s Americana. Drawing inspiration from the beloved film “Grease,” starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, and the futuristic animated sitcom “The Jetsons,” Musk aims to intertwine elements of the past and the future.

Two enormous 45-foot LED screens will be installed in the cafe, and they will be constantly playing excerpts from well-known movies to give customers a 30-minute glimpse into Hollywood’s filmic past. Visitors can eat a meal and charge their cars at one of the 28 supercharging points while indulging in this cinematic pleasure.

Architectural renders by Ed Howard showcase a spaceship-like diner with a spacious rooftop terrace, blending seamlessly with the retro vibe. The establishment will boast indoor and outdoor seating, and intriguingly, Tesla enthusiasts will eventually be able to pay with the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, showcasing Musk’s penchant for innovation and disruption.

As Tesla progresses with this venture, it’s anticipated to offer an extraordinary experience that transcends the ordinary. The proposed diner will be built in place of a former Shakey’s Pizza Parlor, integrating indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a ‘carhop area’ for meals to be served directly to parked vehicles.

The all-night Tesla drive-in diner rekindles the magic of the golden age of cinema, reimagined for modern times. As construction gears up, excitement builds, with technical drawings and glimpses of Musk’s visionary concept already hinting at a remarkable transformation. It’s evident that Tesla’s Hollywood venture holds the promise of nostalgia, technology, and community, encapsulated under the stars and LED-lit movie screens.

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