Ukraine Is Deploying $3,500-Drones Made From Cardboard In The Fight Against Russia


Two enormous 45-foot LED screens will be installed in the cafe, and they will be constantly playing excerpts from well-known movies to give customers a 30-minute glimpse into Hollywood’s filmic past. Visitors can eat a meal and charge their cars at one of the 28 supercharging points while indulging in this cinematic pleasure.

Ukraine’s innovative use of cardboard drones may be capturing headlines, but Musk’s latest endeavor is equally attention-grabbing. The visionary entrepreneur has secured approval for a unique project that merges the past with the future—a Tesla diner featuring a drive-in cinema and charging station. This ambitious venture is set to bring back the allure of the drive-in movie theaters that once dotted the American landscape.

With two colossal 45-foot LED movie screens playing classic film clips around the clock, patrons will be able to relive Hollywood’s golden age while indulging in a meal and recharging their electric vehicles. Musk envisions a blend of retro aesthetics and futuristic design, a tribute to iconic works like “Grease” and “The Jetsons.” The former, a timeless love story set in the 1950s, showcased the charm of drive-in theaters as a popular hangout spot. The latter, an animated sitcom from the 1960s, depicted a whimsical future filled with flying cars and robotic marvels—elements that resonate with Tesla’s cutting-edge identity.

The proposed Tesla diner, located on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, is poised to be a hub of entertainment and innovation. Architectural renders hint at a spaceship-like structure adorned with a rooftop terrace, inviting visitors to experience 1950s Americana with a futuristic twist. This fusion of styles aims to create an unforgettable experience, where patrons can savor both the flavors of the past and the technology of tomorrow.

The project is set to transform the site of a Shakey’s Pizza Parlor, breathing new life into a historic spot on the iconic Route 66. With plans for indoor and outdoor seating, a kitchen, rooftop seating, and even a “carhop area” for a touch of nostalgia, the Tesla diner promises an all-encompassing experience for movie enthusiasts and Tesla aficionados alike.

While details about the diner’s décor remain somewhat mysterious, Tesla’s glimpses and teasers hint at a captivating blend of the past and the future. As construction gears up to commence, the project embodies Musk’s unceasing ambition to revolutionize industries and elevate everyday experiences.

In an era where innovation often means detachment from tradition, Musk’s drive-in diner is a refreshing reminder that the future can be intertwined with the past. As the world eagerly anticipates the opening of this unique establishment, it’s clear that this Tesla-branded endeavor is more than just a diner—it’s a captivating journey through time, style, and the magic of cinema.


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