Tesla Has Hinted At A Possible Cybertruck Delivery Event, Finally


Tesla enthusiasts and Cybertruck aficionados have reason to rejoice as the electric vehicle giant drops hints about an exciting event on the horizon. The long-anticipated Cybertruck Delivery Event has made its appearance in Tesla’s owner referral award program, injecting a fresh wave of anticipation among the EV community. While the date remains shrouded in mystery, the prospect of being a part of this momentous occasion has sent ripples of excitement throughout the market.

After a hiatus from its referral program, Tesla reintroduced the initiative last year for solar products and later for cars. This program offers buyers attractive incentives like discounts and premium features. In addition, Tesla owners who successfully refer new buyers are rewarded with “Tesla credit points,” which can be exchanged for a variety of enticing awards including free Supercharger miles, entries into the Cybertruck raffle, exclusive accessories, and more.

The latest update introduces a set of new awards into the mix, featuring a year of Premium Connectivity and the coveted invitation to the upcoming Cybertruck Delivery Event, scheduled to take place in Austin, Texas. Tesla’s communication emphasized the exclusivity of the event, noting that invitations are limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis for the referring owner and a friend. Despite the absence of an official date, the demand for these invites underscores the Cybertruck’s allure.

Interestingly, Tesla has placed a premium value of 30,000 points on the Cybertruck Delivery Event invite, making it the most valuable award in the program. By gauging the points against the costs of various accessories, the invite is estimated to be worth approximately $2,500. This significant valuation reflects the immense anticipation and interest surrounding the Cybertruck’s debut.

While Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has previously hinted at a potential timeframe, saying that the event may overlap with the conclusion of the third quarter, which ends in September, the company has not yet announced a precise date for the event. Recent events show that Tesla is stepping up preparations for the Cybertruck’s impending manufacturing, along with the introduction of Cybertruck-related goods in its online store.

In conclusion, Tesla’s inclusion of the Cybertruck Delivery Event invites in its referral program has set the stage for an eagerly awaited milestone in the EV industry. As enthusiasts eagerly await further announcements, the prospect of being a part of the Cybertruck’s unveiling adds an extra layer of excitement for both Tesla owners and electric vehicle enthusiasts around the world.


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