This Ex-Tesla Employee Has The Best Solution For Your Hangover

You work like crazy all week and desperately wait for your well-deserved break on the weekends. What is even a weekend, if not a great party? You get together with your mates on Friday and Saturday nights, and what follows is a ton of booze. The party ends up great and somehow, you manage to get home too! The real trouble begins when you wake up the next morning completely suffering from hangover. It is even worse, if you made the mistake of partying on a Sunday night. Not the wisest thing to do, but the Koreans being the biggest per capita alcohol consumers in Asia, just dug out the perfect solution.

Source: Men’s Health

Sisun Lee, the ex-Tesla and Uber product manager visited Korea and discovered the massive Korean market of hangover cure that generates an annual $126 million. He found the solution in the Japanese resin treeĀ Hovenia Dulcis containing Dihydromyricetin (DHM), and decided to bring the cure to the US market.

Source: Mashable

The IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign for the product named Morning Recovery has already achieved nearly 700% of its goal. Watch the video to find out the story of the hangover cure and how it works to break toxins in the liver, so you wake up fresh the next morning.

Find that one friend who parties a little too hard and let them know about this Morning Recovery magic as well.

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