If You Dug a Hole Straight Down to Other Side of the Earth, Where Will You Popup? This Tool Will Tell You

Everyone as a child has tried to dig in their sandboxes to reach the other side of the earth. Britishers think that they can dig a tunnel to end up in Australia, while Americans believe they would end up in China. But ever wondered if there’s actually something real with these claims? A fascinating map is now here to reveal the reality and details on where will you end up if you start digging on one side of the planet.

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The interactive Antipodes Map allows you to check any location on the surface of the planet and it will tell you where its opposite point is.

Here’s a summary of some of the places and their antipodes according to the map.

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China lies among those minority countries who end up on land if you try to dig out to reach its opposite point. If someone tried to dig through the entire 12,742 km of Earth’s crust starting from China, they would end up in Rio Negro, Bahia Blanca in Argentina.

Other major cities that are antipodes include Auckland in New Zealand, and Seville and Malaga in Spain.

Exact antipodes include Puerto Natales in Chile, and Ulan Ude in Russia.

The two largest inhabited antipodal areas are located in China and Mongolia of East Asia, and Argentina and Chile of South America.

‘The Australian mainland is the largest landmass with its antipodes entirely in ocean,’ the Antipodes website writes.

‘The majority of locations on land do not have land-based antipodes.’

The largest antipodal areas are the Malay Archipelago, opposite to the Amazon Basin and Andean ranges. Other than these regions, most of the countries would end up in oceans, which is not surprising, since earth is 71 percent water.

A person digging in USA from Times Square in New York would arrive the ocean off the coast of Australia. Brits digging from under the Houses of Parliament would end up off the coast of New Zealand.

Japanese digging in Tokyo would emerge off the coast of Uruguay. However, Russians digging from Moscow would find themselves in the Pacific Ocean.

By definition, the North and South pole are antipodes.

Do you want to know where does your opposite point lie? Try out the tool for yourself here. and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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