Watch 40 Hours Of Blissful ‘Planet Earth’ Footage By BBC That Will Mesmerize You

We all have been mesmerized and awe struck by BBC’s ‘Planet Earth’ program at some point in our life. Watching the beautiful narration of David Attenborough over some of the most astonishing sights in nature has been my idea of a perfect Sunday night for a very long time.

If you are even close to being as big a Planet Earth’s fan as I am, the latest release by BBC is a dream that finally came true. It will keep you hooked up literally for hours and drown you in the ocean of natural beauty!

BBC has gifted us forty hours of pure bliss, as they have complied four hour-long videos into one terrific show of nature’s breathtaking beauty and serenity.

Although the film doesn’t have Mr Attenborough narration, but you can still listen to the sounds of nature, chirping of the birds, swishing of the grass, and elegant silence of the icy high mountains.

BBC’s Earth Unplugged YouTube channel has been working on the ‘Real Happiness Project’ and sending out the most mesmerizing video clips for our aesthetic satisfaction.

The video below takes us from the jungle, through to desert, a beautiful grassland, and then up to stony mountains. BBC plans on releasing another two, and we can’t wait for the next installment already!

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