This Chinese Rainwear Combines An Umbrella With A Raincoat

An umbrella or a raincoat is one of the essentials that almost everyone owns. The invention is decades old and did not see a lot of innovation for many years until gadgets like Nubrella and Kazbrella popped up. The main problem with umbrellas is the extra effort required to carry them, especially when your hands are already full of so much other stuff. Chinese designers have decided to tackle the problem with a bizarre new invention called the “umbrella raincoat.”

The wearable looks like a raincoat on the head and an umbrella from below, almost like a centaur. There is absolutely no doubt that you would look weird wearing it and the sellers on AliExpress tried to cash that feature with a statement, “You will get 100% rate of second glances.” Who said that was a bad thing? The advantage of the little gadget is that you get away with both your hands entirely free while looking like a weirdo. It will manage to protect your upper body, but the legs and torso are fully exposed, but isn’t that what the regular umbrella does too?

A regular rain coat does all of it while shielding your entire body, so why doesn’t the world stick to that? There is only one reason that is your pretty wardrobe that the raincoat will hide. If you choose the clear raincoats, they also fog up soon, blurring out your amazing outfit. The significant advantages are the lightweight, foldable design with the two straps that keep it tied to your body when the strong winds. Oh and most importantly, it is made up of PEVA which is a biodegradable vinyl.

There is a wide variety of color and size options available and the Chinese seller claim that they will “will soon replace the traditional umbrella, and go into the [houses of] hundreds of millions of families.”

Do you fancy being a proud owner of the bizarre umbrella raincoat? Do you know anyone who would love this? Let us know in the comments.

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