Student Creates An Insane Rubber Band Firing Machine Gun

Rubber Band Gun 4

Rubber Band Gun specsRubber band wars have been a source of terror for quite some time. We all have felt as victors when the prey got a perfect hit on his body and we all have felt the fear climbing up our spine when the tables were reversed. However, one man has taken this to a whole new level. His inspiration comes from a Gatling gun and it has led him to make the ultimate weapon of terror. The Rubber Band Machine Gun is capable of more than just scaring your foes; it is able to fire at a rate of 14 shots per second using its 16 barrels, can fire 672 shots up to a distance of 8 meters.

Rubber Band Gun 2The genius behind this gun is a student who is currently working to raise funds that will allow him to sell this wooden gun to the interested folks later this year. The gun has been constructed from CNC plywood and measures 34”x8”x11”. The package includes 700 spare rubber bands and a rack for your weapon of mass destruction. Did we mention it is fully automatic and powered by five AA batteries? Within minutes, it can be loaded again to unleash a wave of terror on your friends and foes alike – Evil much?

The student behind this concept and its execution is Alex Shpetniy, who is 18 years old and he spent a year in development of this super duper awesome freaking gun. According to him, it is the most advanced Rubber Band Gun out there. He says he has been able to build it thanks to his abilities that he polished while building model airplanes. The student belongs to Ukraine and like many other startups, he has made use of Kickstarter for funding his invention. We believe the gun will be available later this year with a price tag of around $140.

Rubber Band GunSo how does it work? It is simple enough; all you need to do is to the wind the string onto the drum of this gun and make sure that it passes through the cuts in the barrels. The electric motor, upon firing, reels off the string and this result in rubber band being pulled one by one and firing off!

Rubber Band Gun 5Shpetniy said; ‘Everyone loved having rubber band fights as kids and now children of all ages can enjoy practising their shooting skills with a Rubber Band Machine Gun.’ He explained that this gun has been made from birch plywood and using Computer Numerical Control (CNC), it was cut out. The gun is available in three colors; burnt wood, original birch and black. He said; ‘With my Rubber Band Gun Machine everyone can feel like Rambo, launching a rubber storm, and throwing a pound of rubber bands towards their opponent.  ‘I am experienced in working with wood so I quickly set about making the first prototypes. String is wound onto the drum, passing through cuts in the barrels, and then rubber bands are stretched over the string. The electric motor reels off the string pulling off rubber bands one by one, releasing them into flight. I have spent the last year developing the gun and the last stage of it was to invent the “fast charger” which means you can reload the rubber bands very quickly.’

Rubber Band Gun 3Looks pretty cool, isn’t it? Check out the youtube video below:


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