Guy Creates A Death Ray Laser Drone Bot At Home

laser_drone_bot (3)

As demonstrated in his YouTube channel, Styropyro, twenty-year old Drake Anthony has fitted a spider-shaped robot with lasers powerful enough to pop balloons and put paper and cardboard on fire. The student from Illinois has created a Death Ray Laser Drone Bot in his very home.

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The 20-year old took an Attacknid robot, which is a children’s toy originally meant to fire foam darts, and fitted the toy with a 2W blue laser diode. The toy was already remote-controlled and had the ability to walk around and fight other toy robots, but Anthony’s creation is a bit more “well-armed” than any of the other toy robots. He removed the top of the robot that fires foam darts and fitted it with the laser, afterwards connecting it with existing wires so that it too can be controlled by the Attacknid’s remote.

laser_drone_bot (1)

Anthony is a student of chemistry at the Southern Illinois University and has posted many other videos about laser contraptions under the username DIY Laser Guy. His YouTube channel shows him demonstrating his different creations. The video for the Laser Drone Bot shows him using it to pop black balloons in an instant and then firing it on a piece of paper which bursts into flames within three seconds.

The demonstration video can be seen below.

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