LG Launches The World’s First TV That Has A Changeable Screen Curvature


LG OLED TVDon’t we just love it when two titans of technology get ready to tango? It allows the users to experience what would have been impossible otherwise. As of now, there is a battle raging on between LG and Samsung in the TV market. The latest product of this battle is the Flexible OLED TV which has been introduced by LG and enables its users to change the curvature of their TV’s screen as per requirement.

LG Flexible TVPreviously, both the titans had launched TVs that support curved displays but LG surely has taken things a notch up by coming up with a bang; OLED TV which has a changeable curvature. Once again, like many other gadgets we have been talking about, this one was also unveiled at CES 2014.

LG and OLEDThis particular feat by LG has a display of 77 inches and allows its users to be in charge of the angle of curvature by employing the remote control. It does this by factoring the screen size and the distance from which they are viewing the TV in order to generate the optimum viewing experience. While there are some valid concerns regarding how reliable and long lasting this new technology is, LG is quite confident about this model. According to LG, the TV has been tested for tens of thousands of hours and has given the result they were looking for; it is durable and reliable.

Curved-OLED-TVThere are no other technical details pertaining to this TV released by LG at the moment. However, as soon as they’re made public, we will update our readers. As of now what we can say is that this TV is just super fabulous and something right out of the movies.

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