Strangely Designed “Bubble House” Hits The Market In Australia

We don’t get to see such a fantastic yet oddly unique structured house for sale now and then. This one of its kind house structure is built with eleven bubbles intersecting each other.

Architect Graham Birchall built this house for his personal use. He did not plan on putting it up for sale as of the beginning, which somehow lately was in the listings in properties in Ipswich, Queensland.

The house built in the 1980s intended to set an example on the adaptability and practicality of round sphere structures. In contrary to the homes built at large, this one has its rooms measured differently. They are in various sizes ranging from 4-8 meters in diameter.

The roundness of this unique house gives it a completely different feel, from both inside and out. The round bubbles with the remote control iris windows on them make it look like an eyeball. The windows play a part in making them as such. Birchall went all the way out for the construction and attention to the details for his unique house, the guy even took NASA’s assistance and took Mars Rover’s design to help build these windows.

The house looks different and provides the viewers a sight to behold. Anyone who sees it for the first time keeps on looking at it for several minutes while admiring the wonders of architecture.

The best part is that the strange sphere design doesn’t affect the functionality of the structure as a full-time home. Space in the house is consumed so well as it caters to three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a workplace, and an enormous four-car garage. The architect built the house with love and a lot of interest as it initially was never even planned to be sold out. Hence, the house is full of aesthetic design from inside, showcasing a much modern look than what one would expect from an 1890s home.

The structure consists of balconies and several terraces of different shapes and sizes. The entry tunnel made out of glass adds on to its unique and beautiful design, and the way the light passes through it gives a fantastic experience. Curving staircases, a gorgeous library, and colorful gardens would, for sure, increase the levels of happiness for the people living in this mesmerizing structure. Birchall used some expertise from a boat carpenter to build the round kitchen, who could have done the woodwork any better! We must say, the guy turned every stone for his dream house to be perfect in every sense.

The house uses a timber heater, which is set in the enormous family room downstairs, proving to be sufficient enough for both upstairs and downstairs portions. It functions with the help of a long vent that extends through a big hole in between the two floors. Another cool multi-story feature is its internal water-cooling fountain. Both systems work exceptionally well.

The properties covering the same amount of area as this sphere structure varies to price somewhere around a million Australian dollars. However, we are talking about typically built houses. This being exceptionally different from all makes it even interesting to see how much does this house sells for!

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