Japanese City Installs Country’s First LED-Powered Manhole Covers


Located in the North of Japan, the city of Tokorozawa came up with a very creative idea. The authorities of the town recently revealed 27 high-tech maintenance hole covers featuring LED displays inspired by popular anime. To overall improve the look of the sewer system, it is a beneficial initiative.

Another thing that this might do is decrease the number of night-time crimes in the city. The departments of waterworks and sewerage came up with this idea of installing 27 new maintenance hole covers having solar-powered Led lights, which also feature anime designs to make it look more presentable.

These are the first-ever maintenance holes in Japan to have LED lighting.
Maintenance holes with art was already an essential part of Japanese culture. They were inspired by the cultural identities of the respective areas. These artistic and custom maintenance holes can be traced back to the 1980s in Japan.

These maintenance holes had evolved to capture the art in modern cultural environments as time passed. Anime characters, as well as the local mascots, were included in these designs to make it look more appealing. Now, Tokorozawa has come up with a way to incorporate technology in maintenance hole covers as well.

All the maintenance holes have their respective solar panels that are strategically placed right next to it so that it performs better. These solar panels and the maintenance hole covers are attached underground.

According to the reports, the LED that these manholes possess turn on by themselves at 5 in the evening until 2 in the morning. Some popular anime characters of various series feature on these 27 manholes.

Characters such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam, and Kino’s Journey are designed on them. Japan has found a creative and appealing solution to these manhole covers, whereas people in a lot of developing countries are not even blessed to have them in their place.


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