Norway’s New 154-Feet-Long ‘Step-Bridge’ Is An Engineering Marvel


For some, a bridge construction can be as simple as connecting two points with the help of ropes and wood, although the complexity of these bridges has no limit. Around the world, we see various marvelous bridges that have now become a symbol of modern architecture. Carl Viggo Holmebakk’s remarkable step bridge that he has constructed over the Vøringsfossen waterfall in Norway is undoubtedly one of these bridges.

It has just been opened for the public by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA). This exceptionally designed bridge shadows over 535-foot Vøringsfossen waterfall inside the Hardangervidda. It is also the largest national park found in the Nordic region.

The famous and experienced architect Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk worked extensively on designing and making this work for well over a decade. Furthermore, as quoted by CNN Travel, he dreamt of building a bridge that seamlessly fuses the natural and the human-made”. If we talk about the specifications of the bridge, it has a vast span of 47 meters and 99 steps, which certainly looks like a giant insect that is going to walk with its dangly legs over the rush of water.

According to the reports published by the design Deaignboom, 16 meters or 50 feet is the height between each point of the marvelous bridge. The authorities started building the bridge in 2015 with the help of helicopters due to the steep terrain.

This particular bridge construction used seven components, which were then put in place with the help of a crane. Solid steel was used to manufacture this bridge, which was done on-site. The bridge was secured with the help of rock bolts which were drilled in the mountain rocks.
The bridge itself is a sight to behold, but the architects have some better ideas in the future as well—concepts such as hosting an easily accessible footpath and a cafe on the bridge.

Faint-hearted people are generally advised not to walk on this bridge, especially the people who have a phobia of heights. They may want to see this bridge via drone imaging rather than visiting the place. If you still wish to do so, you are bound to feel dizzy as anyone would while taking a walk over this beautiful 535-foot bridge.

There is a group of people that are actively campaigning against this bridge construction, which has been attracting numerous controversies. On the contrary, some people think that this bridge is beautiful and a significant tourist spot.


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