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Square Cash – A Cool Way To Send Money

Pic Credits: cash.me

Tired of using those lethargic, old school and rigid payment methods? Is carrying cash all the time becoming a hassle? Or paying using bank accounts and credit cards just too formal and difficult for a casual transaction? Have no fear, as Square Cash is here to solve all your woes!

Square Cash is a peer-to-peer payments app looking to revolutionise cash payment and transfer altogether! The app offers instant deposits and transfers, meaning that it is surely equipped to give head on challenge to competitor services like PayPal and Venmo.

Pic Credits: cash.me

The app is truly for everyone, from friends to family and even for more formal transactions. It allows you to have a certain amount of digital cash to be transferred from your bank account in the Square Cash wallet. And then you can, in turn, transfer that cash to anyone using the same app just by the push of a button. The business transactions no longer require tedious calculations, as the app accept card payments at one simple rate.

This can be thought of a digital wallet of sorts and with its robust and easy to use features, the app can be useful for formal as well as informal transactions while being on the go.  If you are a traveller or a person whose job description requires him to move about, you can easily book flights, hotels, and pay for other activities for the whole group, and then be reimbursed by your colleagues using Square Cash. You can also share your online Cash.me profile for instant online payments.

Pic Credits: cash.me

Or maybe you face trouble splitting a five-way check at a hangout with friends, with all those decimals and a hassle for loose change dwindling the fun of a perfect night. No worries, just take out the Square Cash app, and send the money in no time. From splitting monthly rent payment to purchasing concert tickets, or ordering a pizza at a girl’s night out, Square Cash will always have your back. The best of all, it’s free to execute all informal transactions to friends and family with Square Cash.

Pic Credits: cash.me

The app isn’t slowed down by extraneous features like a full-service digital payments platform. The app also has a PCI-DSS level 1 certification, meaning it is incredibly safe to use as well. It is also easy for customers to understand, as they are guided through a quick payment system.

I personally found the experience to be absolutely fantastic. I was given the task of buying football uniforms for my kid’s class for their football practice. Now, it was a daunting proposition to go and ask each of the 11 kids’ parents for a payment of in cash $15.95, so instead, I requested all of them to reimburse me through the Square Cash. And just like that, all of the money was sent to this awesome digital wallet in no time without any worries.

Pic Credits: cash.me

Square Cash empowers you to pay back anyone at any time without keeping a fat wallet at your disposal and gives a cool, safe and fast alternative to the usual boring and hassled cash transfer services.

The app can be downloaded both on Android and iOS. You can find more about the app on their website. I would personally encourage you to give this service a go; you will certainly not regret the decision!

If you have tried the app, please share your experience in the comments’ section below!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Square, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine.