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Guys Attach A GoPro To A Sub-Orbital Rocket And Fire It. The Video Will Give You Goosebumps

The makers of high-end action cameras, GoPro, have released an amazing video depicting a sub-orbital rocket launch. The rocket climbs to a staggering 396,405 feet swishing through the atmosphere at Mach 5.5.

The rocket shown in the footage, a 20-feet tall SpaceLoft-10, was launched from Spaceport America, New Mexico. This mission was a part of a new plan initiated by NASA, called the Flight Opportunities Program, to encourage rapid development of space technologies by providing commercial flight opportunities.

Image Source: NASA

Flight opportunities seeks to increase the availability and affordability of access to relevant environments by using commercial flight services and employing developmental partnerships with commercial flight service providers, leveraging commercial products and services for NASA’s mission & technology needs.

Check out the mind-blowing video below:

The rapid spinning of the rocket, before the launch, is referred to as spin-stabilization, a technique used to control the altitude achieved by the rocket. The video ends with the launch of the Maraia capsule, designed by Johnson Space Flight Centre of eNASA, and a successful consequent touchdown.

Image Source: NASA

The mission intended to assess the climb, descent and docking of Maraia and analyse its aerodynamics and stability as the payload re-enters at speeds around 2.5 Machs. NASA has pinned high hopes on the latest Earth-bound capsule, with plans to utilise it for autonomous, on-demand payload from ISS.

Image Source: NASA

Meanwhile, the official statement by the NASA Flight Opportunities Program campaign manager praised the role of Up Aerospace Inc. in the mission:

“The new payload deployment capability from UP Aerospace was successfully demonstrated, opening the opportunity for future entry, descent and landing technologies to be tested and matured under Flight Opportunities.”