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This New Silicon-Based EV Battery Can Be Charged Up To 98% In Less Than Ten Minutes

Silicon-Based Electric Vehicle Battery Capable Of 98% Charge In Less Than Ten Minutes

Enovix, based in Fremont, California, reported that it had demonstrated in EV battery cells the potential to charge from 0 to 80 percent state-of-charge in as little as 5.2 minutes and achieve a charge capacity of greater than 98 percent in less than 10 minutes. The cells also went through 1,000 cycles while keeping 93% of their power.

The achievement shattered the USABC’s target of charging 80% in 15 minutes. The company has been developing its technology with support from the US Department of Energy, and it plans to provide a solution for all sorts of vehicles.

Enovix tested fast charging in their 0.27 Ah EV cells in silicon lithium-ion batteries, which it claims have a revolutionary 3D architecture and constraint mechanism. In addition, the cells have a fully functional silicon anode. According to Enovix, the material has long been hailed as a critical technology in the next generation of battery anodes.

Silicon anodes have the potential to store more than twice as much lithium as graphite anodes, which are currently utilised in practically all Li-ion batteries (1800mAh/cubic centimetre vs 800mAh/cubic centimetre).

“Fast charge capability can accelerate mass adoption of EVs, and we’ve been able to demonstrate a level of performance that meets and exceeds many OEM roadmaps,” said Harrold Rust, co-founder, CEO and president of Enovix.

“EV manufacturers are in pursuit of batteries that support longer range, while the public and private sectors work to increase EV driver access to fast chargers. We’re proud to support these goals to help electrify the automotive industry and demonstrate our batteries are an exciting option to power long-range, fast-charging EVs.”

Source: Enovix

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