The Indian Prime Minister Aims To Make India Cashless Using This App


The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is now making another move to improvise and damage control the huge cash vacuum in the country. He is now, urging his country mates to go cashless. The move comes as the aftermath of Modi’s recent move to make a huge chunk of the country’s bank notes illegal for putting an end to corruption and black money. Since then, millions of Indians have been reeling from the ripples created by the change, with people spending hours outside banks and ATMs just to get their hands on some cash to buy daily life necessities.

Credits: dailyhindu
Credits: Daily Hindu

While the execution of the plan didn’t occur in a particularly well way back then, Modi has been trying to make amends and placate the crisis. The launch of BHIM (Bharat Interface For Money) is a key move in that regard. BHIM is a mobile payments app that Modi’s government launched back in December, and on Sunday, the premier urged every Indian to make the app viral and spread the word to their friends and beyond!

He said in his monthly radio podcast “Mann Ki Baat,”

“I appeal to the people that each of us should teach at least 125 persons about downloading BHIM App and procedure of making transactions through it”

The BHIM app uses the country’s UPI mobile banking platform infrastructure and utilizes the mobile number of the user as the payment address. The app has a very straightforward user interface, and the country looks to make it a permanent substitute for plastic cards and point-of-sale terminals, along with dealing with the gaping hole left by the lack of cash.

Credits: Daily Hindu

At its launch, Modi commented on how BHIM will change the way by which Indians pay in their day-to-day life.

“BHIM app will revolutionize India and force people worldwide to take notice,” he had said.

The government has also been rewarding prizes to the selected BHIM users.

“I urge my countrymen, especially youth of our country and those who have won prizes, to become ambassadors of these schemes,” said Prime Minister Modi in his monthly radio programme.

Credits: Daily Hindu

Since India invalidated much of its cash, people have been scrambling for some newly issued cash, and amid all the crisis, many of them have embraced cashless mobile payment solutions for the first time in their lives.

You can check out the BHIM app on the Google Play Store. We would like to know your thoughts on the launch of the BHIM app. Comment below!

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