Spanish Designer Turns Hotel Skyscraper Into A Transformer

munich_hotel_NHDK (13)

Victor Enrich, an artist from Barcelona, has recently completed his project which involved digitally transforming a hotel building in Munich in ways that look realistic but would be impossible in the physical world. The Spanish designer moved to Munich but did not find a permanent residence, deciding to meet new friends and staying with them for a few weeks. He stored his luggage in lockers at Munich’s central train station. Here, he had to change lockers every three days and hence, would pass by Munich’s NH München Deutscher Kaiser hotel a number of times every week.

As the artist (who is a fan of skyscrapers), began to grow fond of the hotel building, he decided to pay tribute to this now familiar landmark. The project, called “NHDK”, took Enrich six months to complete. The artist took a large number of photographs of the building and used a 3-D design software to digitally manipulate its structure. The renderings alone took five months to complete and involve the turning the building upside down, on its side, making it float in the air and many other unrealistic angles which look believable in the images.

Speaking in a news interview, Enrich said about the project, “I always try to express myself as much as I can.  If I’m not having fun, I will never do anything!”. A few of the images from the project can be seen below.

The original building

munich_hotel_NHDK (1)

The images look like they could all exist in the real world

munich_hotel_NHDK (2)

The hotel building is shown shattering into pieces

munich_hotel_NHDK (4)

Sliced and bent

munich_hotel_NHDK (5)


munich_hotel_NHDK (6)

The hotel floating in mid-air

munich_hotel_NHDK (7)

Transformed into bubble

munich_hotel_NHDK (8)

Cut open

munich_hotel_NHDK (9)

Upside down

munich_hotel_NHDK (10)

munich_hotel_NHDK (11) munich_hotel_NHDK (12) munich_hotel_NHDK (13)

munich_hotel_NHDK (3)


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