Inside The World’s Most Expensive Single Bedroom Apartment

One Room Apartment 7

worlds-most-expensive-1-bedroom-apartment-condo-minami-azabu-20.jpg 8Who doesn’t want to live in a luxurious house, but it is usually far too expensive to be afforable and that is why people opt for apartments, which are somewhat economical and still capable of meeting their needs. However, this one bedroom apartment is not for those whose wallets are thin. Are you ready to hear what the price tag on this apartment is? This house, this crib for the elite class has an area of 4,434 square foot and is priced at 1.8 billion yen. Still not clear about how the price is? Convert 1.8 billion yen into dollars and you are looking at a figure of $21.8 million. Yeah we know, too bloody expensive! The apartment priced like a palace is located in Tokyo Japan at Minami-Azabu.

All the furniture has been custom designed by Cecotti Collezioni and most of the walls, doors and flooring are made from stone and wood imported from Italy. The dining room is Japanese styled ‘Ryotei’ which allows for the chef to serve directly from the gourmet kitchen. Next stop is the terrace, Parisian-style, which allows for the view of Arisugawa park. In-situ paintings of Hiroshi Senju, Japanese artist, are hosted in the house. It comes with a courtyard garden which is nothing less than a royal garden. It has one full bath while two baths that are partial. All the Kitchen appliances have been provided by Cornue.

One Room Apartment One Room Apartment 13 One Room Apartment 12 One Room Apartment 8 One Room Apartment 9 One Room Apartment 10 One Room Apartment 11 One Room Apartment 6 One Room Apartment 5 One Room Apartment 4 courtyard One Room Apartment 2 One Room Apartment 3Although the design and decor is super cool, at the end of the day it is just a one room apartment that has been priced way too high. Would you get one if you had the money? Tell us your views in comments section below!



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