Qatar Unveils Another Stadium For FIFA 2022 World Cup

FIFA 2022 World Cup - Zaha Hadid's Stadium 2

We all love FIFA and the thrill which it brings along. The adrenaline rush and quality of gameplay is surely amazing. As most of you would know, the 2022 World Cup is taking place in Qatar and Qatar is busy in preparations for making this World Cup a memorable one. This means a lot of designing and construction is going on in Qatar and recently, the first of nine proposed stadium designs has been revealed.

This particular design has been put forward by Zaha Hadid, an Iraqi born architect. The design is known as Al Wakrah Stadium and has been created with the image of dhow pearl fishing boat’s sail in mind. These ships once used to roam Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. The design sure looks refreshing.

Zaha-Hadid-Al-Wakrah-stadium zaha-hadid

FIFA 2022 World Cup - Zaha Hadid's Stadium 4The stadium has a capacity of 40,000. However, the design is modular, which means that once the huge excitement of the World Cup is over, this stadium could be reconfigured to suit the needs of smaller crowds. This feature is an amazing quality of the stadium design. Moreover, The stadium has been designed in order to protect the guests from the scorching heat of Qatar (50°C). By employing the uniquely designed curved shapes in conjunction with huge air conditioning system, this stadium is able to keep the temperature around 30°C which is quite remarkable indeed.

We look forward to 2022 World Cup and some more interesting stadium designs!


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