SpaceX Has Been Sued By The U.S. Over Its Hiring Policy

Coming under legal scrutiny is SpaceX, the celebrated space transportation firm and aerospace creator that sprang from Elon Musk. The United States Department of Justice – or DoJ if you’re in a hurry – suggests the company may have misled others when it said non-U.S citizens need not apply. This probing by authorities stems from an aggrieved foreign laborer crying foul – making serious insinuations about unfair hiring tactics employed at this high-prestige operation.

Delve into the DoJ’s investigation, and you’ll find allegations galore that SpaceX was systematically deterring asylees – individuals granted asylum- who had every legal right to work in US soil. Moreover, they would brush these folks off their hiring processes based purely on citizenship grounds. From September 2018 until May 2022 this exposé proceeded apace. Equally significant is the fact that these asylees have more than just employment rights; they can legally secure social security cards or travel permissions, ‘n even sponsor family members for relocation.

SpaceX contended that its hiring restrictions were due to “export control laws,” implying that it was only permitted to employ U.S. citizens and green card holders. However, the DoJ challenged this assertion, clarifying that such laws did not enforce such limitations.

The scope of the alleged discrimination was wide-ranging, encompassing positions from highly technical rocket engineering to more mundane roles like dishwashing and cooking. The lawsuit has prompted calls for SpaceX to potentially provide backpay to individuals who were unlawfully denied job opportunities due to these discriminatory practices.

It’s interesting to note that this is not the first time a corporation run by Elon Musk has faced accusations of discriminatory behavior. A number of former workers at the social media network formerly known as Twitter (now X) filed a complaint against Musk earlier this month, accusing him of engaging in racial, age, and gender discrimination.

The BBC has contacted SpaceX for a reaction to these claims. This discussion about workplace diversity and adherence to labor regulations, even in fields as innovative and well-known as space exploration and technology, is critical. The outcome of this lawsuit could have a big impact on how businesses in different industries handle their hiring policies and processes to ensure equity and justice for all potential employees as the legal proceedings progress.

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