Elon Musk Is Not Happy At All With The Quality Of The Cybertruck According To A Leaked Email

In a leaked email to Tesla employees, CEO Elon Musk has once again reaffirmed his commitment to uncompromising quality standards, this time focusing on the highly anticipated Cybertruck. Musk’s email underscores the need for precision in manufacturing, citing the Cybertruck’s distinctive design as the driving force behind this requirement.

Recently, Musk test-drove a production candidate Cybertruck at the Gigafactory Texas, where the electric pickup is set to be manufactured. Following this test drive, he shared his insights in an email to his team, expressing concern about the potential for even minor dimensional variations to stand out prominently on the Cybertruck’s sharp-edged, stainless steel exterior.

Musk emphasized that all components, whether produced in-house or supplied by external vendors, must adhere to a level of accuracy within the sub-10 micron range. This translates to dimensions specified down to the third decimal place in millimeters, with tolerances measured in single-digit microns. The comparison to everyday items like LEGO bricks and soda cans, known for their precision despite being low-cost products, illustrates Musk’s belief in achieving comparable levels of accuracy in the automotive industry.

The Cybertruck’s unique design, characterized by straight edges and a metallic finish, amplifies any imperfection, making precision an essential factor for achieving a flawless fit and finish. Musk’s vision for the Cybertruck’s manufacturing aligns with his past ambitions for Tesla’s other vehicles, particularly the Model 3. In a similar email sent in 2018, he stressed the importance of unmatched precision, aiming to achieve standards far superior to any other car in the world.

Tesla’s pursuit of perfection hasn’t been without skepticism or challenges from the industry. Critics have often pointed out issues with fit and finish in Tesla vehicles, but the company has made significant strides in improving these aspects over time. Models like the Model Y have garnered positive reviews for their enhanced build quality.

As Tesla prepares for the imminent official production launch of the Cybertruck, the leaked email reveals Musk’s unwavering commitment to elevating manufacturing standards. By comparing the Cybertruck’s precision requirements to the likes of LEGO and soda cans, Musk is emphasizing that even in the realm of automotive manufacturing, achieving exceptional accuracy is not only feasible but essential for a flawless end product.

With Tesla’s track record of innovation and progress, it remains to be seen how well the company will meet Musk’s ambitious demands for the Cybertruck’s production. As the electric automaker continues to push boundaries, the automotive industry is keenly watching to see if the Cybertruck will truly set new standards for precision and quality.

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