Someone In Japan Just Created An Airsoft Phalanx CIWS Gun System

A Japanese company called Suidobashi Heavy Industries has recently revealed a smaller version of the Phalanx CIWS gun system. This unique gun doesn’t shoot metal bullets but instead fires thousands of plastic BB pellets.

The original Phalanx CIWS is a reliable weapon used by the U.S. Navy on various surface combat ships. It features a radar-guided 20 mm Vulcan cannon that can rotate on a base. Many people consider it to be one of the coolest BB guns ever made. Kogoro Kurata, the creative mind behind Suidobashi Heavy Industries, known for creating the incredible KURATAS mecha robot over ten years ago, unveiled the Phalanx BB gun on his Twitter page.

Kurata has been working on this BB gun since March and sure enough he has already built a functional version that can shoot up to an impressive 3,000 plastic pellets per minute and has enough power to cut a piece of cardboard in half at close range.

While the original Phalanx weapon system has a radar hidden inside, Kurata’s version is designed like a large tank that can hold around 900,000 plastic balls. With this impressive capacity, it can continuously fire for about five hours. However, Kurata believes that the motor powering the gun would likely burn out before reaching that limit.

Kogoro gained a lot of attention when he shared photos of his Phalanx BB gun mounted on the back of his Toyota truck. He jokingly described it as the perfect solution for dealing with tailgating drivers.

It remains uncertain whether Suidobashi Heavy Industries plans to release the Phalanx BB gun for commercial sale or if it’s simply a fun and unique project.

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