Watch What Happens Inside A Model Rocket Engine


Model rockets are usually a great way to learn about rocket science and witness how tons of metal hurtles through the space against all natural odds and accomplishes one of the greatest feats humanly possible. Are you ever curious to find what’s happening inside a model rocket engine? Does it work the same way as an original rocket? How hot do the things get inside it?

While reading up on these topics is the best way for us to questions the answers, YouTube’s Warped Perception channel had other ideas. They took an Estes model rocket engine and cut it in half, which is something not recommended for obvious reasons. Then they put the engine inside a special see-through housing to view the film burn at 1,500 frames-per-seconds thanks to his high-speed cameras.

Model rocket engines usually come with two stages of solid fuel, the first for blast-off that burns longer and the second for a burnt in the opposite direction which helps in the landing along with a parachute or in igniting the second stage. Both of the highly combustible stages are visible in the footage, which only reiterates the point that one must stand at a safe distance when operating with these dangerous albeit magnificent contraptions.

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