This Solar Pocket Factory Can Make You A Solar Panel In Only 15 Seconds


Solar panels are getting cheaper and smaller with every passing day, but they still are not as ubiquitous and easily accessible as one would like them. The Solar Pocket Factory is here to help with that, as they claim their technology can manufacture a solar panel as quickly as within 15 seconds!


The panels were first introduced on the Kickstarter and got significant funds from the crowd. The idea revolves around converting every small or large gadget to solar energy and then attaching these nifty and easy to manufacture panels to the gadgets.

The creators Shawn Frayne and Alex Hornstein narrate their motivation and journey on the Kickstarter page,

“We are two independent inventors who fell in love with the dream of clean energy, everywhere, for everyone. Inspired by this dream, we built a half-dozen products based on microsolar panels, like solar lights and distributed USB power grids, but in the process, we learned that the current solar panels leave a lot to be desired: the panels break after a few years, they’re expensive, and they’re not made very well. We loved the possibilities that microsolar offered, and we kept asking ourselves, “Could we make it better?” “


So they came up with their small scale production machine that as claimed reduces the prices by 25% along with the lower defects with the production time of 15 seconds! But the best of all, these smaller, cheaper and faster manufacturing units can even be installed at homes since they work similar to a typical desktop printer.


The creators have also put up a step-by-step instruction for the project on Instructables, enabling anyone to make this solar pocket kit.

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  1. babyshoweraddresslabels Reply

    Instead of belittling the dev of the game maybe you could add some suggestions and maybe a lil constructive Why it looks poinless to you? What would make it better in your eyes? If this person is serious about the game they are making then some ideas and some personal insightswould be rather than a hateful and mean

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