You Are Not Allowed To Poop Or Vomit Aboard The Blue Origin On Your Space Trip

Blue Origin New Shepard Space Trip (2)

Traveling is fun, but not easy. What fun is an adventure if it comes easy anyway? Jeff Bezoz, The founder of the private spaceflight company Blue Origin, is hopeful that the company will fly tourists to space in 2018 as the company has finally run successful flight tests. But this will happen only when the New Shepard spacecraft is fully ready.

Source: Engadget

The date for the space tourism to begin is not final yet, but Jeff Bezos has declared that there will be no allowance for any bodily excretions. Pooping, peeing or vomiting, save it for the toilet at your home.

Bezos spoke at the 33rd annual Space Symposium on April 5, revealing details of the space experience the New Shepard will offer the tourists. Lots of people are enthusiastic about travelling to space as an adventure, and the company aims to cater for that tourism demand. Bezos also mentioned the possibility of a lottery for someone who can not afford an exorbitant space trip.

Bezos was very clear on the fact that the New Shepard will have no bathroom facility so “Go to the bathroom in advance. The whole thing, from boarding until you’re back on the ground, is probably 40 or 41 minutes. So you’re going to be fine. You could dehydrate ever so slightly if you have a weak bladder. Don’t throw up right away. We’re not going to worry about it. It’s a delayed effect, and this journey takes 10 or 11 minutes. So you’re going to be fine.”

As the entire trip barely spans over 41 minutes, three-quarters of which will be on the ground waiting for the takeoff to begin. The total space trip will be only 11 minutes, of which you will get to experience weightlessness for four minutes. This small period, according to Bezos is not enough to initiate any stomach discomfort. We probably don’t need to mention this, but if you plan on going, do yourself a favor and keep a light hand with the breakfast.

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