Some Tesla Engineers Secretly Started Designing An Alternative To The Cybertruck Themselves

Tesla engineers found themselves at odds with Elon Musk’s vision for the Cybertruck, leading some to secretly work on an alternative design. Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s design chief, revealed in Walter Isaacson’s biography on Musk that the radical design of the Cybertruck was met with skepticism within the company.

According to von Holzhausen, “A majority of the people in this studio hated it.” They considered the design too unconventional and were reluctant to be associated with it. In fact, some engineers went as far as clandestinely crafting an alternative version of the electric pickup truck after viewing a prototype in SpaceX’s showroom during the summer of 2019.

However, the fate of this alternative design remains shrouded in mystery. Tesla, Musk, and von Holzhausen have not commented on its existence or what ultimately became of it.

Von Holzhausen, known for his measured approach, took the time to address the concerns of his team, recognizing the importance of having their support. In contrast, Musk, with his characteristic impatience, dismissed any criticisms related to the Cybertruck, stating, “I don’t do focus groups.”

Musk’s determination to have a working prototype for a Tesla event in November 2019 pushed the team to work relentlessly to meet the deadline. The event marked the first public appearance of the Cybertruck, and it had a surprising guest – Musk took the prototype for a spin with his partner, Grimes, to Nobu.

Musk first unveiled the idea for the Cybertruck about four years ago as a reaction to what he saw as “boring” conventional vehicles. But during the past two years, there have been significant delays with the project. Tesla has not revealed the vehicle’s price, despite Musk’s assertions that deliveries will start soon.

Prior to its release, the Cybertruck’s unique design, notably its smudge-prone stainless steel exterior and its sizable windshield wiper, was the subject of discussion and examination. Those who pre-ordered the car with a $100 deposit have closely examined the finished product to see if it meets their standards.

In the world of electric vehicles, the Cybertruck has undeniably made a significant impact, both for its futuristic design and the controversies it has stirred among Tesla’s own engineers. As the release date approaches, all eyes are on Musk and his unconventional creation.

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