[SOLVED] How To Open Clogged Head / Extruder Of 3D Printer

[SOLVED] How To Open Clogged HeadExtruder Of 3D Printer_Image 1

If you are experiencing difficulty in getting the perfect results from your 3D printer, chances are that its extruder nozzle is blocked.


[SOLVED] How To Open Clogged HeadExtruder Of 3D Printer_Image 0
Image Source: YouTube

The usual sign of a blocked extruder is that no filament will be printed at all. However, a blocked 3D extruder nozzle is also indicated by non-uniform extrusion and extrusion of filament thinner than the normal.

This hack will help you fix the problem in less than $15. All you need is some acetone, a very thin wire, and a torch.

Here is the video that will walk you through the steps involved:



With this hack, you will have your 3D printer up and running in pristine condition in less than 20 minutes.



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